Villa Plawa is an ideal property investment in Bali giving good returns over the period of the long lease. Bali property prices have risen every year for the past 10 years. Villa Plawa’s long lease is fully paid up until 2054 and further extensions are available to buyers in a clause written into the lease contract. This investment will appreciate for years. Combined with the rental income (when the villa is not used by the owner) the villa can be rented to short-term holidaymakers, this all adds up to a deal not to be missed.

During good times two bedroom villas in the prime district of Seminyak earned approximately US$200 per night rental. If the villa is rented 50% of the year the gross revenue could be US$36,000

Operating the villa will cost approximately US$600 per month depending if the owners decide to manage and market the property themselves and promoting it to friends, relatives, work colleagues and others. There are many villa management companies in Bali available to take care of all aspects of villa management and as well. This is usually charged as a fixed monthly fee for this service. The new owner could expect a 10%+ return on investment income each year.

Properties in the prime district of Seminyak have far shorter lease durations and prices that higher than Villa Plawa. Take the time to compare with others on the market to see the great value of this investment. Owners who want to re-sell the property in the future could expect a full return on the purchase price if the villa is sold with 10-15 years remaining on the lease after which time some depreciation may occur. Leasehold property is the only legal way for Non Indonesians to own property in this country.